Ways Our Education Law Attorney Helps School Administrators

School administrators and school boards want to concentrate on education, but they also face a wide range of issues and conflicts that can lead to litigation. Our school law attorney at Stephenson Rife knows how to deal with these problems. Our attorney can help set up and review policies and regulations to prevent problems from occurring.

The Indiana education law attorneys at Stephenson Rife understand that schools are carefully scrutinized to make sure they comply with state and federal regulations; we know that they are vulnerable to lawsuits from teachers, employees, and parents if problems arise. We can help by:

  • Reviewing existing policies and operations to make sure they are in compliance with regulations
  • Making suggestions for changes or for new policies to help avoid lawsuits
  • Negotiating with opposition parties when problems arise
  • Handling mediation in situations when mediation is needed
  • Taking a case to court, if necessary.


Our education law attorneys provide guidance on how to prevent, minimize, and resolve disputes. When legal issues call for it, we have the experience necessary to aggressively pursue litigation for violations. When legal claims are made against you, we will investigate those claims and defend you.

Legal Matters Handled by Our School Lawyer

A school lawyer can help lessen the chances of litigation by examining all decisions, policies, rules, and regulations common to school boards and administrators to make to ensure they are in compliance with all laws. Should a dispute arise, the school lawyers at Stephenson Rife will help determine the best way to resolve them. If litigation is necessary, we are prepared to take the case to trial to defend your rights.

Some of the legal matters related to education we can assist with include:

  • Employment and labor issues. We can review and negotiate employment contracts for teachers, administrators, office and other staff. We can deal with cases of wrongful termination, hiring, transfers, retaliation, and discrimination.
  • Issues with students. We deal with problems such as suspending and expelling pupils, making accommodations for special-needs students, student transportation, and student bullying and violence.
  • Discrimination and civil rights issues. Federal Title IX and Title VII regulations are strict, and allegations of discrimination based on sex, gender, religion, race, age, or disability are frequent sources of lawsuits. Issues may also arise as to equal access and whether students are entitled to special education.
  • Contractual issues.  We will examine all contracts and help revise existing contracts, as well as draft new ones.
  • Security. Highly publicized school shootings have made security issues paramount, and lawsuits may arise if security is lacking or if someone has suffered bodily harm.
  • Policy development. We will review policies, help draft new ones, and defend policies and decisions that are unjustly challenged.

Education Law Attorney Dealing with Indiana Laws

Indiana has specific laws relating to education which, if violated, may result in litigation. School boards and administrators should keep the following laws in mind:

  • Compulsory education.  Indiana requires children between seven and 16 to attend school or a suitable alternative, such as private or home school.
    • School prayer. Indiana allows for a brief period of silence.
    • Corporal punishment. Indiana allows teachers and school staff to “take any action that is reasonably necessary to carry out or to prevent an interference with an educational function that the person supervises.”
    • Privacy Indiana protects the privacy and accessibility of confidential school records.

    Our education law attorneys have thorough knowledge of Indiana’s laws and can provide skilled legal guidance to administrators and board members.

    Call Our School Board Lawyers for Aggressive Legal Representation

    School boards and administrators work to ensure that students get the best education possible, that school staff work under the best conditions possible, that laws are followed, and that everyone’s rights are protected.  The school board lawyers at Stephenson Rife are available to help ensure that this happens and that any disputes are settled quickly and fairly. Our lawyers will strive to resolve all issues out of court, but are fully prepared to take your case to trial if necessary.

    We offer a free consultation, so call the education law attorneys at Stephenson Rife at 317-680-2011 for advice today.