You can’t build whatever you want, wherever you want, but with the help of a real estate zoning attorney your plans could be put into action. Over the years, land use and zoning regulations have grown, limiting types of uses to certain areas. These rules need to balance a community’s wishes to control what it is now and what it will be in the future against state statutes and the constitutional rights of property owners and developers.

Land Use Zoning Attorneys Balance Legal Requirements and the Client’s Needs

Whether you own a business, are a homeowner or property developer, a real estate zoning and variance lawyer can help your project get the approval it needs to move forward. We can establish that your project falls within the zoning rules, or that it qualifies for and deserves a variance. We will work with you and decision-makers to make your plans a reality.

Stephenson Rife’s land use zoning attorneys communicate to government officials and board members what the project entails and what you will do to stay within existing rules. We can also spell out why a variance is appropriate. Our attorneys will attend public hearings and meetings to tell others about what’s planned, advocate for and defend your position. We try to make it easy for zoning and variance decisions to go your way while ensuring that your needs are met.

If the process doesn’t go your way, we could resubmit the proposal with changes, or you can challenge the rejection in court. Depending on the project and its location, a development can become highly politicized, and local officials may not make the right choice.

Land use and zoning decisions should be based on the law. They shouldn’t be a popularity contest. Our real estate zoning attorney will hold local officials accountable and protect your legal rights.

Zoning and Land Use Lawyers Can Help You from the Start of a Project to Final Approval

We’re typically retained at the beginning of a project. We develop and implement legal strategies for its approval while minimizing the risk of litigation and other delays. Stephenson Rife can help you with industrial, commercial, and residential development, from large mixed-use developments to individual residential properties.

Working with clients in this area of law isn’t just about knowing statutes, regulations, and rules. It’s about understanding the local players involved with the process. Stephenson Rife zoning and land use lawyers have worked with local engineers, planners, zoning board members, and other attorneys for years. We’ve earned their respect. They know we do excellent work, that we’re fierce advocates for our clients, and we can be trusted to tell the truth.

Our Real Estate Zoning Lawyers Will Fight for Your Interests

Zoning and variance approval decisions can be a life or death issue for a development. The time, energy, and money invested in these projects could be wasted unless the right outcome happens. Our involvement and advice are important in a project’s early planning stages to lessen the risk that a major investment will grind to a halt.

For a free initial consultation with a real estate attorney, call us today at 317-680-2011. We can talk about the challenges you face today, your goals for the future, and the best way to reach them using the least time, energy, and cost.